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Dear visitors,

Zeytinburnu is an exclusive district that bridges the past and the present, industry and nature, sea and the highways, cemeteries, and life, old Istanbulites and new migrants. The district connects people from different beliefs, different ethnic groups and harmonizes the differences appropriately. As the residents of Zeytinburnu, we are aware of what our district stands for Istanbul, Turkey, and the world. We acknowledge and are proud of the value of what we have here.

We internalize cultural diversity as a value and this diversity spreads all across Zeytinburnu and became a unique cultural route. For instance, in our district, you can visit Yenikapı Mevlevi Lodge or Seyyid Nizam Lodge and see the signs of mysticism that formed the core structure of Anatolia. Furthermore, you may have the chance to see the Greek Orthodox tradition by heading to Balıklı the Greek Church of St. Mary of the Spring and originally known as "Zoodochos Peges" meaning "Life-giving Spring", which was dedicated to Mary.

You can find yourself in the Panorama 1453 History Museum (located inside the boundaries of Zeytinburnu) where the conquest of Istanbul is animated with unique effects or you might want to take a walk towards the seaside of Zeytinburnu and visit the Mosaics Room that was recently explored during the restoration processes and transformed into a museum, and Kazlıçeşme Cultural Center where you can both find the mosaics from the Roman era and the compilations and collections of famous Turkish artists.

From the land walls of Istanbul to historical entrance gates, Erikli Baba Dervish Lodge to The Church of Saint Paraskevi, Fişekhane to the Turkish World Cultural Quarter, this valuable line consists of a lot of historic, religious places, tombs, mausoleums, cultural centers, and museums that will undoubtedly inspire you about the past, present and future of our district, and will be the living proof of our efforts to create a suitable future that also remembers the past for Zeytinburnu.

Ömer Arısoy
Mayor of Zeytinburnu Municipality