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Terrestrial City Walls of Istanbul in Zeytinburnu

These walls contain 3 parts as inner walls, outer walls and the moat. The inner walls were about 5 meters wide, 20 meters high and reinforced with a tower in every 60 meters. The inner walls were 14 meters away from the outer walls. The outer walls were reinforced with 96 towers some of which were up to 23 meters high. The moat was 20 meters wide and 6 meters deep. Altınkapı in Yedikule was the most majestic city gate and used only by the emperors in times of expeditions for departures or arrival. Other city gates of Zeytinburnu are Belgradkapı, Silivrikapı, Mevlanakapı, (21) Sulukule Kapısı and Topkapı. The terrestrial walls was repaired several times throughout the history and was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in the early 1980s. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has repaired certain parts of the walls between the years of 1987-1994 as well.
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